That Time of the Year- Stationery Mania


A good while back I did a ‘stationery haul’ blog post on my other blog, though I was on the fringe about it thinking what type of a crazy person goes bonkers over a bunch of pens and cute pieces of sticky bits of paper. Click HERE to read that.

If it’s the one thing that I perceive as total eye candy, it’s the pictures of dollar store hauls and classroom decorations. Well, that’s two things. Anyhow, here in Karachi where I live, we don’t have dollar stores, but we do have stationery shops and the locally made products are pretty good and not too heavy on the pocket.

Regardless, my family knows the way to my heart is… well, through fancy pens, chevron themed anything and all things neon coloured that also go click.

Having said that, all my siblings and their spouses pretty much know this. So over the past few weeks I’ve stock-piled some pretty cool stuff. Most gifts from them and some my own. Just feast on the picture.

While we’ve all used highlighters at some point in our lives, uhh… how cool are those candy shaped ones?

The stapler gun is all me (putting up backgrounds and borders on bulletin boards last year with pins pretty much killed my thumbs).

And yes please to that ‘to-do’ list, and thank you.

Coloured pens, not likely to pull those out from their packages soon. Those are going to sit for a while and serve as eye-candy.

Motivational sticker sheets, can we even function as teachers without those?

Staplers… tiny ones.. ’nuff said.

Yes, it’s going to be a fun year up ahead.

Anybody else out there gotten ahead of themselves before school starts? What do you consider absolutely essential in a teacher’s cache of stationery? Let me know.


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