Paragraph Writing for Beginner Writers


This is a free resource for one and all. Creative writing is perhaps, one of the most challenging tasks for a teacher. In my experience, without proper structure and scaffolding, it just isn’t as productive as it could be.

That being said, I decided to pour all my own creative juices into planning and designing this resource which I believe will literally do the job for you…

Interested? Read on…

Thinking about an age appropriate topic to write about can be the collaborative result of yourself and your students, or you could simply come up with one of your own. Just make sure that at the beginning, your student can extract information from his or her schema.

Colour coding the parts of the paragraph helps with visualization and making relevant connections. You could design a mentor text to put up on the board to discuss with the kids.You could even provide them with a couple of short paragraphs and they can colour the parts of the paragraph mentioned in this post.

The child comes up with the topic sentence. This is the most important part of the paragraph.

The supporting details will describe or tell more about the topic sentence. Sticking to the topic is key. At this point, three are enough.

The ending sentence wraps it all up. There is no need for another sentence after it is written.


After the writing part is done, the child can draw or doodle about the writing he or she has just done.

After that comes the part where the child writes it again after checking for errors.


As the final activity before the child hands in the project, he or she will be required to self-evaluate. If the child is satisfied, he or she can colour the hand that shows how many points they got right.


Now if you’re hooked just click below to get your freebie. I’d love some feedback:



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