Building Passion for Learning and a FREEBIE

captureaIt has always been my belief that the energy a teacher carries into the classroom is radiated and absorbed by the students.

A passionate teacher is the most effective motivational factor there is, that kind of drive is not lost upon the children.

However, is there anything else that can be done? Yes. Lot’s has been written about it , and lots of tips and tricks are out there that can be googled in an instant. But by far, teaching kids about the Growth Mindset- a method that teaches kids that failure is not a permanent condition since the brain (just like muscles) can become better at its job provided it is exercised consistently and vigorously.

Taking that into account, a child needs to be constantly reminded about the traits that make a student grow into life-time learners, certain habits that can be inculcated slowly and gradually into the work ethic of each student.

This little list is a reminder of those traits.

Click on the picture below for your FREEBIE.


How can you use this printout?

  1. Display it as a constant reminder in the front of the classroom or bulletin board.
  2. Pick up one trait and incorporate it in your lesson plan.
  3. Have reflective conversations regarding each topic.
  4. Assign projects like presentations or essays on comparing individuals who lack these traits in contrast with the advantages of people having these traits.
  5. Ask the children to close their eyes and think about any one trait and then draw an abstract right there and then. Then discuss the colour preferences and designs and their meaning. (This one can be a lot of fun).

It’s important to note that these traits are on the extreme upper level and that our job here to try and get there, not necessarily be there.

Consider the second one, being a perfectionist, no one is perfect, but when we strive to be, when we try to attain that standard, we will definitely be churning out work that is note-worthy, work that makes all the difference. This in itself can be a very healthy topic for discussion.

We teachers are often so caught up with completing the course with so many restrictions in tow, we often forget that we have to instill the love of persevering and education itself in the kids so that we make them decent, successful and wonderful human beings.


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