Growth Mindset Brag Tags

growth-mindsetBuilding a growth mindset in kids has been all the rage for a while now. It fosters grit- the voluntary choice to improve performance through a long term dedicated work ethic.

When children are taught that set backs do not have to define them, that hard work and perseverance will get them to places they want to get, they develop the will, the passion to succeed.

Whereas there are wonderful Pinterest boards and plenty of sites honoring this revolutionary concept, I felt there was a lack of resources that showed appreciation whenever a child made an effort to act accordingly.

Keeping this in mind, I made these brag tags to simply cut and stick on assignments or alternatively to pin on the shoulder or shirt pocket to make the child feel proud.

They are appropriate for all ages (even we teachers need a pat on the back sometimes), but primary to elementary students would probably appreciate them to a higher degree.

To download this FREEBIE just click on the image:


There are more…

I’d love to know if you encourage growth mind set in your classroom. Leave me a comment if you enjoyed this resource.



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