The Best Things you can do NOT to have your Kids Develop Bratty Behaviour



As parents we are all biased. We see our children through our loving eyes. To us, they can do no wrong. They are innocent and vulnerable. Be that as it may, it in our lapse of judgment in small everyday mundane things that eventually lead to kids doing all the things they do to get on our already frayed nerves. Among the many misdeeds that become a hot topic of conversation with other parents are:

  • constantly lost in their cell phones
  • answering back (with a hurtful tone)
  • heeding the advise of the cool friend over yours
  • not sleeping/ eating/ doing homework on time
  • throwing tantrums/ showing sass
  • rolling eyes

Any of that sound familiar?

Most of it we can chalk off to growing pains and a right of passage. As they get older and into their teens, we can also blame a part of it on raging teenage hormones. But the bitter truth is, some of the blame falls neatly on our shoulders too.

So how can we minimise this troublesome behaviour? Let’s look at it from the the perspective of teachers who spend a handsome amount of time with your children. Truth be told, most teachers I have worked with over about eight years are honestly on your side. They care about the overall holistic growth of the students they teach. However, the natural love a parent has for his or her child is a factor that is not present (although there is a great deal of fondness and adoration), and thus the bias I spoke about earlier does not get in the way of an objective assessment on how a child, your child can work to realise his or her true potential.

If there were a ‘wish list’ that teachers could share with parents, these little pointers would be on it: Continue reading

The First Five Minutes of Interaction on the First Day of School

jhjWhile we are busy printing, cutting, pasting, laminating and planning the first day of school, how many of us teachers take a minute to reflect upon what could essentially be the most important 5 minutes of the entire year… those first moments when your student sets his or her eyes on you.

As the children come into the classroom one after the other with their inquisitive minds, peering eyes and wary of their surroundings, I can safely say that at this point, most of us are politely standing on the side waiting for the kids to get seated or maybe guiding them to empty seats- helping them settle down so to speak.

As we watch the emptiness being filled in the classroom, we underestimate how each and every one of those little ones have already formed some sort of impression about their teacher.

Once we have an inkling on how those first few moments could shape your future relationship with your students, perhaps we could take a minute ourselves to make the most of the situation:

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That Time of the Year- Stationery Mania


A good while back I did a ‘stationery haul’ blog post on my other blog, though I was on the fringe about it thinking what type of a crazy person goes bonkers over a bunch of pens and cute pieces of sticky bits of paper. Click HERE to read that.

If it’s the one thing that I perceive as total eye candy, it’s the pictures of dollar store hauls and classroom decorations. Well, that’s two things. Anyhow, here in Karachi where I live, we don’t have dollar stores, but we do have stationery shops and the locally made products are pretty good and not too heavy on the pocket.

Regardless, my family knows the way to my heart is… well, through fancy pens, chevron themed anything and all things neon coloured that also go click.

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